In over my head? Me? Never!

Hello Internet-land. Ooo boy, it's been a crazy couple of weeks since I last talked with you. Though most of the craziness has been the good kind for me, I should mention that my heart goes out to everyone besieged with natural disasters in Central America and the Southern United States... and the West Coast... and the mid-west... To all those who are affected, and those of you out there doing the incredible boots-on-the-ground work to help all of those in need, take care & god bless.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Thank you to everyone for the amazing response to the video channel. While we are still in the early stages for content release and subscribers, the response and feedback leads me to believe that it could grow to be a really special aspect of TCbH. My plan is to try and produce some sort of video content every week, be it First Impressions videos, Reviews, or Cardboard Cutouts which is what I'm most passionate about. That said, I don't want to drop the ball on the podcast & written side of things, so if it becomes a bit too much to manage, I may scale it back to new videos every other week. For now, checkout the rather rough first episode of Cardboard Cutouts (above) and I'll have a new second episode posted on Saturday that's already 11 times better.

Hey Mr. DJ

Since we last talked we had a pair of really great interviews with Morten Monrad Peterson of the Automa Factory and Aron West of Elzra Games. These two are on the cutting edge in defining what tabletop gaming can be. Morten and his team designed Stonemaier Games' groundbreaking solo modes for Viticulture and Scythe, whereas Aron is the co-designer and publisher of the remarkable Catacombs, a game that inexplicably manages to capture the tone and feel of a Dungeon Crawl, while being a dexterity game about flicking wooden disks on a board. If you get a chance, check out Catacombs 3rd edition and the rest of the Catacombs line, all of which have incredible artwork by Kwanchai Moria.

Oh, and you know how I mentioned things were getting crazy? I have the next 7 interviews lined up, featuring all kinds of cool guests including Kenna from Going Last (my favorite tabletop podcast on the net), Jerry Hawthorne of Mice & Mystics fame (check out his upcoming PHG design, Stuffed Fables), Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games (TED 2.0  Kickstarter will be up soon! YES!) and iconic artist Ken Meyer Jr. (Kird Ape scared the crap out of me as a kid!).

Going to PAX Unplugged


Exactly what it says! I'll be going to PAX Unplugged in November. I've never been to Philly and I've never been to a PAX, so this will be an awesome experience. Rob from Paper Heroes will be joining me and we hope to meet you all there. Interested in doing an interview? Or maybe just meeting up for a game? Either way, lets hang out!

That's it for now. As always, there's great written stuff coming out all the time by me and other guest contributors on the site. Stay tuned, and don't forget to subscribe to the video channel!

New TCbH Stuff!

Holy cow, what a crazy productive week. We have so many things to share with you, and it feels like we are just barely getting started. First off, I wanted to mention that we are (finally) making a big push toward video... Well, as big of a push as one dude in Alaska with about 10,000 other things going on can do. But I Digress! We'll have some content going up with some regularity, and hopefully we'll be able to get a really tight format down over time. To start us out, we have a first impressions video for Hellas & Elysium:

(I adore the new theme music)

Next up, I got a pair of reviews that I have yet to talk about. Luke Muench of Budget Board Gamer wrote us a nice review of one of our favorite games, Cyclades. He really hits the nail on the head as to what makes the game so special among a sea of minis on maps. As for me, I had a completely different type of area control game to discuss, the mighty Ethnos, featuring pretty much the raddest pairing of oldschool artwork and skittle-rainbow components of all time. Both reviews are up now for your viewing pleasure! Oh, speaking of reviews, are you listening to our TCbH review podcast channel? It's a great way to plug our reviews straight into your brain holes.


And FINALLY, saving the best for last, we have a new interview posted with Morten Monrad Pedersen of the Automa Factory, the guys who are contracted to help Stonemaier Games with their awesome solo variants. Morten is the brain child behind the mighty Scythe solo mode, which is what I lost my solo virginity to (that sounds salacious... and weird). Anyway, you can totally listen to that on iTunes, stitcher, or our podcast feed on the site.

PHEW! What a week...