Episode 54 - Ken Meyer Jr. - Artist behind the (Kird) Ape

Jack talks with Ken Meyer Jr., prolific artist behind several classic Magic: The Gathering Cards and numerous Vampire the Masquerade illustrations. Ken has had a wide range of art jobs over the years, and we talk about his time working in tabletop gaming, his childhood dreams of being a comic artist, his time modeling art for video games, and more. You can find Ken's work at http://www.kenmeyerjr.com.

Episode 53 - Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games, Co-Designer of War of the Ring

Starting a new year of podcasts off right with the lovely Roberto Di Meglio! Dude has had a long history working in many capacities throughout the gaming industry, and his history as a journalist and designer parallels the development of the Italian Gaming Scene. We talk about growing up in Italy, how War of the Ring was born out of a fever dream, and get the full scoop about the new game in the WotR line; The Hunt for the Ring. I'll be doing a review of Hunt for the Ring as soon as I get back from PAX unplugged, so be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel so you don't miss it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBLZ33CJXoUffCBF7plpjg

Other Helpful Links:
Ares Games - www.aresgames.eu
Hunt for the Ring BGG Page - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/216070/hunt-ring
War of the Ring 2nd Ed BGG Page - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/115746/war-ring-second-edition
TCbH on Twitter - https://twitter.com/cardboardherald

Episode 52 - Jerry Hawthorne, designer of Mice & Mystics and Stuffed Fables

Holy smokes! Episode 52!? We are really 1 year in? Well I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to have beloved designer Jerry Hawthorne in. Jerry is a designer for Plaid Hat Games, notable for being the creator of the Mice & Mystics line, and his upcoming game Stuffed Fables. We talk about creativity, imaginative play, cutting hair, and raising kids. Jerry is one of the most affable, kind people to have graced the podcast and I can't wait to have him back on again.

In the meantime, did you know we could get even MORE pretentious? Yes, that's right, The Cardboard Herald was stupid enough to call someone's bluff on twitter, and we introduced the youtube series "Rook & Record" where we pair a board game with the perfect companion record in 2 minutes or less. Gotta love that #vinyl, yo! 

Helpful Links:
BGG Charity Auction - https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/231363?commentid=7523853#comment7523853
Our new archive - http://www.cardboardherald.com/reviews-archive/
Rook & Record: Mystic Vale - https://youtu.be/QOwitR5ps_A
Cardboard Cutouts: 3 Strategic Horror Games to Play This Halloween - https://youtu.be/yZbZKUGPz98
Stuffed Fables BGG Page - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/233312/stuffed-fables

Episode 51 - Kenna Conklin of Going Last

Kenna is 1/2 of the amazing Going Last podcast; the next-best podcast on the web-ernets! Jack and Kenna talk about X-men, gender options in games, Going Last's policy on reviews, podcast, and much, much more. Both hosts of Going Last will be at PAX Unplugged, and you can find all of their stuff on iTunes, Stitcher, and www.goinglast.net.

Helpful Links:
Going Last's website: www.goinglast.net
Yamatai Review: http://www.cardboardherald.com/reviews/2017/10/17/yamatai-for-queen-himikos-smil
Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective Review: http://www.cardboardherald.com/reviews/2017/10/17/gumshoe-struggles-a-sherlock-holmes-consulting-detective-review
Broken Token Terraforming Mars Insert Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JZEdZ-Jp70

Episode 50 - Chris Faulkenberry of Stone Circle Games, designer of Battle for Biternia

Jack talks with Chris Faulkenberry of Stone Circle Games, designer of Battle for Biternia. We talk about resilience, getting by with a little help from your friends, and spoony bards; not to mention we dive deep into what makes Battle for Biternia such a great game. You can find more Stone Circle Games at www.stonecirclegames.com, and the kickstarter for Battle for Biternia launches November 7th 2017. 

Episode 49 - Michael Coe's tiny epic return to TCbH

Michael Coe comes on the show to talk about the brand new Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd Edition and The Dark War expansion, both on Kickstarter right now. We cover topics ranging from equipable meeples, design challenges, upcoming projects, reflections of a veteran kickstarter-superstar, and company goals for Gamelyn Games. This is Michael's second time on the show, and is one of Jack's favorite people in the board game space.

No time stamps for this episode due to the quick turnaround.

Helpful Links:
Tiny Epic Defenders & The Dark War Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coe/tiny-epic-defenders-the-dark-war-and-ted-2nd-editi?ref=discovery
Michael Coe's first TCbH interview: http://www.cardboardherald.com/podcasts/2017/3/29/episode-21-michael-coe-of-gamelyn-games
Scott Almes' TCbH interview: http://www.cardboardherald.com/podcasts/2017/5/17/episode-28-scott-almes-tiny-epic-designer
Inis first impressions video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymVz1MRvPWQ&t=19s
Hellas & Elysium first impressions video: http://www.cardboardherald.com/reviews/2017/9/26/expansoin-mini-terraforming-mars-hellas-elysium

Episode 48 - Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe Games

Carla Kopp comes on to talk about her new game on kickstarter, Stellar Leap! We cover everything from the four Xs in X, to what gets her pumped to play Stellar Leap over and over again. We also hit on all kinds of other topics including being a woman designer, what anime character she most relates to, ideas of other creative endeavors, and some really great actionable tips for launching your own kickstarter.

No time stamps on this one since there was a super quick turnaround to get it posted, but you can check out Stellar Leap at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/weirdgiraffegames/stellar-leap

Also, while you are at it, you should probably check out our new video series, Cardboard Cutouts. I LOVE how episode 2 came out. If you want to see more of this stuff, definitely support us by giving ye olde' thumbs up and subscribing to our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNH-cWhlEuM

Episode 47 - Kathleen Donahue of Labyrinth Games & Puzzles

Kathleen Donahue didn't start as a gamer, but that didn't stop her from opening one of the most celebrated and beloved game stores in recent years, Labyrinth Games & Puzzles in Washington DC! We cover everything from FLGS etiquette to her secret origins brokering chemical cleaner deals with Mexico, not to mention what it's like to live, game, and retail on capital hill. Kathleen has led a fascinating life, and her impact on the gaming scene in DC, through her store, community outreach, and founding the thriving regional convention WashingCon, has been immeasurable.  

Helpful Links:
Labyrinth Games - http://www.labyrinthgameshop.com
TCbH Site - http://www.cardboardherald.com
TCbH Twitter - https://twitter.com/CardboardHerald
TCbH Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBLZ33CJXoUffCBF7plpjg?view_as=subscriber

00:00:10 - Intro Monologue
00:03:55 - Interviews starts (shoutout to Paul in MD!)
00:05:46 - What is Labyrinth Games & Puzzles?
00:08:50 - Expanding the store to run M:TG Tournies
00:12:52 - Secret origins of an entrepreneur
00:17:00 - A Labyrinthian idea strikes!
00:22:25 - Entering gaming as a non-gamer
00:29:48 - Professionals in the tabletop industry
00:33:25 - First days of the store - What’s Magic:TG?
00:38:10 - WashingCon
00:43:35 - Legacy and burnout
00:48:25 - Using games to relate with others different than us
00:50:40 - Creating welcoming & inclusive environments
00:55:12 - What’s on the Horizon?
00:59:02 - Outro Monologue

Episode 46 - Aron West of Elzra Games - Master of the Catacombs

Aron West, best known as the co-designer of Catacombs, the dexterity dungeon crawl, comes onto the Cardboard Herald to talk with Jack about the development of catacombs, storytelling, designing dexterity games, Kickstarter delays, and the importance of stretching before a con. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with Aron, and with so many upcoming Catacombs projects on the horizon, Jack can't wait to get his flick on. 

Time stamps:
00:00:13 - Intro monologue
00:03:34 - (Interview Starts) - Exercise before / during a convention
00:04:50 - Growing up in Canada / Interests /
00:08:20 - Early Gaming & Design leading to the design of Catacombs
00:14:43 - Reflections on gaming habits and career decisions
00:21:39 - In depth discussion about Catacombs development & release
00:32:00 - Kwanchai Moriya's reimagining of the Catacombs universe
00:42:52 - New games (Catacombs Conquest, Catacombs & Castles, etc...)
00:47:20 - Loyalty to Kickstarter backers
00:53:47 - Advice in designing dexterity / all games
01:00:51 - Outro monologue

If you want to talk with Aron West, he and Catacombs will be at the inaugural Shut Up & Sit Down convention in October and the inaugural PAX Unplugged in November. 

Helpful links of stuff mentioned in the show:
Elzra Games - https://www.elzra.com
BGG Link for Catacombs - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/195137/catacombs-third-edition
Cardboard Cutouts Episode 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yok25uN0-A
The Cardboard Herald on Twitter - https://twitter.com/CardboardHerald

Thanks everyone for such great response to the Cardboard Cutouts episode 1. We'll have lots and lots more video content include reviews, early impressions, and Cardboard Cutout recommendations soon!

Episode 45 - Morten Monrad Pedersen of the Automa Factory

Morten Monrad Pedersen is best known for his work on the Scythe and Viticulture solo modes, but did you know he too scoffed at solo games just over 5 years ago? I was thrilled to talk with Morten, not only because of his involvement in some of the most celebrated solo games in the industry, but also because his Scythe Automa design was the game that opened my eyes to how and why solo play can be meaningful. We talk about his life growing up in Denmark, his history with computer programming, and how he got wrapped up in all of this solo play stuff with Stonemaier Games.

Episode 43 - Isaac Vega - Designer & Plaid Hat Games VP of Research and Design

You may know Isaac from his numerous Plaid Hat releases, including co-designing the mega-hit Dead of Winter. But what you might not know is that Isaac originally intended to play video games, or how his passion in life is to tell stories. Good thing he found a way to combine the two through tabletop gaming and he couldn't be happier or more appreciative. We talk about life, games, goals, and acceptance. Enjoy!

Episode 42 - Jon Moffat & Gary Mosman of Stone Circle Games

Jon and Gary of Stone Circle Games come on to talk about how this band of brothers came together, what it's like to start a publishing company from scratch, and their upcoming projects including the October 2017 relaunch of the Battle for Biternia kickstarter. Jack also takes some time to talk about 2017 Spiel des Jahres winner Kingdomino and the expansions Tuscany: Essential Edition and Champions of Midgard: Valhalla & The Dark Mountains.

Episode 41 - Anson Maddocks, Classic Magic: the Gathering Artist

Here it is, folks! I've been talking about it for almost a year. I finally get a chance to talk with my all-time favorite Magic: the Gathering Artist, Anson Maddocks. Jack and Anson talk about moving to the desert, evolving art styles, the history of some of the most iconic pieces of Magic art, and how he met fellow Alaskan MTG artist Mark Tedin.
Thank you to Rob Conley for extra production help on this episode. You can find Rob on twitter through his D&D live-play podcast, Paper Heroes www.twitter.com/paperheroescast

Episode 40 - Dr. Gordon Hamilton, designer of Santorini

Jack talks with Gord! designer of Santorini and the brain behind Math Pickle. Gordon talks about his proudest achievements in life, the importance of mathematics AND gaming in a child's education, and the long and storied history of Santorini coming into publication. This episode wraps up my coverage of Dice Tower Con 2017. Special thanks to Chris Douglas and The Death Force for their instrumental track "Barbecue Rag" to exit the show. You can find our review of La Granja: No Siesta here - http://www.cardboardherald.com/reviews/2017/8/3/la-granja-no-siesta-a-pen-paper-pig-allocation-simulator

Episode 39 - Andrew Birkett of Atheris Games at Dice Tower Con

Jack gets to talk again with Andrew Birkett, one of his favorite people just starting out in the biz!  We cover everything from how to deal with the highs and lows of starting out, to how to deal with the highs and lows of a big giant burrito. We also get a glimpse into what going to a hometown convention is like for Andrew.
Jack also talks about new collaborator Luke Muench of Budget Board Gamer in the intro, you can find his review of Champions of Midgard here: http://www.cardboardherald.com/reviews/2017/7/27/champions-of-midgard-trolling-for-wood-with-killer-dice

Episode 38 - Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games

Jack talks with the podfather himself, Stephen Buonocore. Stephen's company Stronghold has published many of our favorite games, including Terraforming Mars, Space Cadets Dice Duel, and La Granja. We talk about podcasting, beer, conventions, and how great of a community and industry tabletop gaming is. 
Our Terraforming Mars review can be found here: http://www.cardboardherald.com/reviews/2017/6/28/terraforming-mars

Episode 37 - Eric Woods of Hobby Horse Games, designer of Firelight

Jack talks with Eric Woods, the designer of the single session card-based RPG Firelight, up on kickstarter now! Eric and Jack talk about art, design, pokemon, and nervous anticipation leading to launching a kickstarter!
Also, Jack monologues about his review policy, and tells everyone to give themselves a nice pat on the back for being his personal best friends. 
Latest review is Terraforming Mars: Colonialism in Space! - http://www.cardboardherald.com/reviews/2017/6/28/terraforming-mars
Firelight Kickstarter -  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1387239505/firelight-the-questing-card-game-new-tabletop-rpg

Episode 36 - Dice Tower Con Mini-Interviews & Wrapup

Jack is back from Dice Tower Con and here are a handful of "man on street" interviews with designers, exhibitors, and gamers. Jack also finishes up the episode talking about his own experience at DTC, what games he took home, what he'll do different as a podcaster the next con, and what upcoming shows are on the books.

Mini interviews in this episode include:
-Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games
-Rob Yates designer of Burke's Gambit
-John Carter of Screech Dragon Studios
-Andrew Birkett of Atheris Games
-Nate Scheidler of Gigamic Games
-Drew Fletcher, co-designer of video game Joinsquad and recent board game convert
-Aron West of Elzra Games

Don't forget to check out the Terraforming Mars review which can be found at www.cardboardherald.com/reviews, and TCbH Audio Reviews channel, now on iTunes, Stitcher, and www.cardboardherald.com.