Games we're playing - week of October 31st, 2016

The coveted Golden Smaug award, with his box of Waterdeep treasures.

Happy Halloween! Here at The Cardboard Herald we wrapped up Halloween by playing some Lords of Waterdeep while taking turns greeting trick-or-treaters with full size candy bars. I know, I know, Waterdeep isn't exactly thematic for the day, but something about it feels appropriately gothic. Our friend Dan won the Golden Smaug award this evening, while I appropriately got my butt handed to me as the Xanathar. 

I got to try Dead Last and Arcane Academy this week. I may have some more thorough thoughts up soon, but of the two I preferred Arcane Academy. Neither blew me away, but Dead Last, while fun, felt a little too arbitrary. I love social deduction games, or games where you have to get in the head of your opponent, but I think the intended speed of the game undermines the mechanics. 

As with each month, our group met and played through the current month's Pandemic Legacy game. We managed to lose our first game of October, only to come back with a spectacular win. When we finish the season, I'll post a review. 

Then there are some other odds and ends going on. I'm still working on a review for Mystic Vale, we've been trying out more deck construction in the Lord of the Rings LCG, and I had a blast playing Splendor with an 11 year old. There's more games we played, but we'll leave it there for now. 

Upcoming Projects:

  • Mystic Vale Review
  • iTunes Certification of podcast
  • audio interview with PNP game designer Mike Heiman
  • feature "CCG, LCG, Expansions, oh my!"

Happy Gaming!