Late January delights - James York, RSS stats, contests, writer requests and more!

First off, new podcast up featuring James York of the Kotoba Rollers and Miners. Check them out. Dude is smart, funny, and applies modern tabletop games in creative and noble ways! Plus he makes some killer music. Check out the Kotoba Rollers and his music label Cheap Beats.

Next, there's this:

Holy crap! This may just be a monthly estimate by squarespace, but I'm damned impressed and grateful for the support the community has given. As I said in the first podcast episode, I want to maintain The Cardboard Herald as transparently as possible. My original goal was 100 subs after a year. Let's try and get this monthly total to maintain 1500+ for the final 3-4 months of 2017. We can do it together! 

Hey, if you are interested in winning some games, follow us on twitter! Also checkout the Facebook page. There are instructions there, and it's the best way of getting content updates.

Screenshot 2017-01-25 12.26.38.png

I normally don't talk too much about upcoming games but who else is excited about this? I'm always super intrigued by Days of Wonder's new games because they are so well refined. Also Bruno Cathala is attached and he is probably my favorite designer. It also looks like it is heavily influenced by Five Tribes, or at least, that general vicinity of gaming. Also the theme looks like a cartoony Legend of the Five Rings. I cannot wait to try Yamatai. 

And a few more things related to goals for the site:
- If you are interested in writing or making reviews for the Cardboard Herald, lets talk! I'd love to host content on a freelance agreement to start. I really believe in the tallent and creativity of people in this hobby, and if you'd like to use us as a platform to get started, I'd love to give you that opportunity. Reach out to me at
- My Scythe review WILL be posted soon, I have a personal goal of completing that by the end of January. Holy crap is that a big game to play and review, but I think it's turning out good. Working title "Of Mechs and Men".
- I'd really like to step up my game. Is there something you'd like out of the podcasts or reviews? What do you like and what do you hate? Your feedback is super-duper important. 

Well, thats it for now. Love you all and talk to you later!