Episode 28 - Scott Almes - Tiny Epic Designer

This week Jack talks with Scott Almes, best known for the Tiny Epic series of games published by Gamelyn Games. That said, Scott's new joint with Gamelyn is not so tiny; the very impressive looking Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea. Jack and Scott talk about the future of the Tiny Epic series, his partnership with Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games, what makes Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea so special, and deriving meaning and purpose in one's work and hobbies. Also, Jack gives a list of his 3 favorite Scott Almes games and 3 favorite non-Scott Almes games that can be played during a lunch-break.
Kickstarter for Heroes of LA&S - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coe/heroes-of-land-air-and-sea?ref=nav_search

3 Fave Scott Almes Games:

3 Fave NON-SA Games for lunch-breaks:

Podcast Episode 21 featuring Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games: http://www.cardboardherald.com/podcasts/2017/3/29/episode-21-michael-coe-of-gamelyn-games