As mentioned!

Hey all, a few updates as mentioned on the most recent podcast. 

Win my stuff!
Are you participating in the #oldgamesnewhomes contest? Go follow us on twitter then tweet to us with #oldgamesnewhomes, and you'll enter to win my copy of Tokaido and the Crossroads expansion.

Finally done with my 7 Wonders review
It took seemingly forever, but the 7 Wonders review is here. We'll have reviews of each expansion soon.

New Podcast Channel
I'm working on a new channel that will be in addition to our existing interview channel that should be fresh and exciting. Or at least I hope so. Maybe I'm just not good enough to make videos and I got this podcast thing halfway down... We'll see! I'm committed to the deadline of July 1st.

Dice Tower Con
Anyone going to be there? Want to game? Think you'd be a good interview for the show? Let's talk about it. Shoot me an email at

Fictional Females! 
Cheyenne and Diana of the Fictional Females podcast are more than fellow podcasters, they are my childhood friends! Go check out their site, then listen to episode 32 where I kick back and enjoy some time with 2 of the fun people I know.