Episode 31 - Jonathan Ying leaves FFG to design and fund Bargain Quest!

This was a fun episode to record, not only was the interview really fun, but the intro had a specific topic that I wanted to discuss. Seriously, check out some online galleries of the best album liner notes, they'll get you pumped to spin the vinyl and CONSUME the music. That's what good rulebooks do for me. Specifically, here is the snipit from Imperial Assault that got me thinking about the comparison:

What are your favorite board game "liner notes"? Send us an email or tweet to us @cardboardherald to let us know.

Anyway, you can find episode 1 with Jonathan Ying on our podcasts tab. We talked about a ton of great stuff, from Wookie Gender Identity to his time at FFG, we covered it. Jonathan recently funded his first independently designed game Bargain Quest! You can find out more about the game by clicking the image below.